Yoshikatsu Fujii, born and raised in Hiroshima City. Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University of Arts with BA in Art Film. He began photography work in Tokyo in 2006. His photographic works often deal with historical themes and memory lingering on in contemporary events. His works were exhibited at the New York Photo Festival (USA), PHotoEspaná (Madrid, Spain), Phoenix Art Museum (USA), Delhi Photo Festival (India), Getty Images Gallery (London, UK), Chobi Mela International Festival of Photography (Dhaka, Bangladesh), Jimei × Arles International Photo Festival (Xiamen, China), etc.
Fujii's project "Red String," was highly inspired by his parents' divorce, produced a hand-made limited edition photobook. Nominated for several awards, including the Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards. The book has been named as one of the best photobooks of 2014 by contributors to numerous publications including TIME magazine.
Since then, in October 2015 he moved back to his hometown Hiroshima from Tokyo to engage in his long-term research project called "Hiroshima Graph." Seen through the eyes of a third generation atomic bomb victim in Hiroshima city, the photo series attempts to shed new light on the disappearing traces from the war, so as to pass it on to the future generation.

His photobooks both "Red String" and "Hiroshima Graph - Rabbits abandon their children" are owned by The Museum of Modern Art in New York Library.



離婚した両親と自身との関係をテーマにした作品「Red String」は、2014年に少部数限定の手製本による写真集として発表された。同書はパリフォト・アパチャー財団写真集賞などにノミネートされたほか、米タイム誌をはじめとする2014年のベスト写真集の一冊に選出されるなど注目を集めた。

写真集「Red String」「Hiroshima Graph - Rabbits abandon their children」はともにニューヨーク近代美術館(MoMA)図書館に収蔵されている。

CV 履歴






Education 学歴


2000 - 2004   BA, Art Film, Tokyo Zokei University of Arts, Tokyo JAPAN




Solo Exhibitions 個展

2020 "Hiroshima Graph - Everlasting Flow", Reminders Photography Stronghold, Tokyo JAPAN, Curated by Yumi Goto

2018   "Hiroshima Graph - Rabbits abandon their children", Reminders Photography Stronghold, Tokyo JAPAN, Curated by Yumi Goto

2016   "Red String", Reminders Photography Stronghold, Tokyo JAPAN, Curated by Yumi Goto

2015   "Incipient Strangers", Reminders Photography Stronghold, Tokyo JAPAN, Curated by Yumi Goto

2011   "Aftermath", Place M, Tokyo JAPAN

2010   "Area of Ocean “KAI-IKI”, Konica Minolta Plaza, Tokyo JAPAN

2008   "Area of Ocean “KAI-KU”, Place M, Tokyo JAPAN




Photo Festivals / Group Exhibitions フォトフェスティバル / グループ展


2021   "Hiroshima Graph - Rabbits abandon their children", Not standing still: new approaches in documentary photography, PHOTO 2021, Melbourne AUSTRALIA

2018   "Hiroshima Graph - Rabbits abandon their children", To Infinity and Beyond, BredaPhoto Festival, Breda NETHERLANDS

           "Red String", Pale Red Dot, Athens Photo Festival, VOID, Athens GREECE

           "Hiroshima Graph - Rabbits abandon their children", THE SCRAP, Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul KOREA

2017   "Hiroshima Graph - Rabbits abandon their children", NTU IPA Winners' Showcase, School of the Arts Art Gallery, SINGAPORE

           "Hiroshima Graph - Rabbits abandon their children", Phantom Pain Clinic, Jimei × Arles International Photo Festival, Xiamen CHINA, Curated by Chen Shen

           "Red String", Chobi Mela International Festival of Photography, Dhaka BANGLADESH

2016   "Red String", Renaissance Photography Prize 2016, Getty Images Gallery, London UK

           "Red String", LensCulture online exhibition, CONNECT, Curated by Aaron Schuman

           "Red String", Map of Daily life, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Tianjin CHINA, Curated by Sujong Song

2015   "Red String", Map of Daily life, Lishui Photography Festival, Lishui Art Museum, Lishui CHINA, Curated by Sujong Song

           "Incipient Strangers", Delhi Photo Festival 2015Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi INDIA

2011   "Area of Ocean", Onaeba in NY Selected Photographers 2011, 72Gallery, Tokyo JAPAN

           "Area of Ocean", Intercambio De Miradas, PHotoEspaná 2011, Real Sociedad Fotográfica, Madrid SPAIN

           "Area of Ocean", Onaeba in NY, New York Photo Festival, New York USA




Photobook Exhibitions 写真集展


2018   "Hiroshima Graph - Rabbits abandon their children", Tsuka:  Contemporary Japanese Photography, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

           "Hiroshima Graph - Rabbits abandon their children", The Reference #1: Asia Art Book Library, IANN, Seoul SOUTH KOREA

           "Hiroshima Graph - Rabbits abandon their children", PHOTOBOOK AS OBJECT / PHOTOBOOK WHO CARES, Photobook / NZ, Wellington NEW ZEALAND

2017   "Red String", Photobook Phenomenon, Barcelona, SPAIN

2016   "Red String", Photobook Award and Show Maribor 2016, Maribor, SLOVENIA

           "Incipient Strangers", Special Exhibition: Steidl Book Award Japan, The Tokyo Art Book Fair 2016, Tokyo JAPAN

           "Red String", The 2016 Book AwardsThe Rencontres d'Arles 2016, Arles FRANCE

           "Red String",  The Photobook Exhibition , Athens Photo Festival 2016, Benaki Museum, Athens GREECE  

           "Red String", The Best Photography Books of the Year, PHotoEspaña 2016, Spanish National Library, Madrid SPAIN

           "Incipient Strangers", Nopx Artist’s book exhibition, NOPX, Torino ITALY

2015   "Incipient Strangers", Vincitori del Self Publishing Photolux Award 2015, Photolux Festival, Lucca ITALY

           "Incipient Strangers", PHOTOBOOK OPEN CALL, GuatePhoto International Festival of Photography, Guatemala City GUATEMALA

           "Incipient Strangers", Ping Pong: 30 Young photobooks vs. 30 Classics, la Mairie du 10e, Paris FRANCE, organized by MARIA INC.

           "Incipient Strangers", THEBOOKSHOW Edition No.3, DECK, SINGAPORE

           "Incipient Strangers", Dummy Award Kassel 2015, Fotobookfestival, Kassel GERMANY

           "Red String", First book/dummy book 2015Photobook Bristol, SouthBank Club, Bristol UK

           "Incipient Strangers", The Photobook Show, Athens Photo Festival 2015, Benaki Museum, Athens GREECE

           "Incipient Strangers", The Best Photography Books of the Year, PHotoEspaña 2015, Spanish National Library, Madrid SPAIN

           "Incipient Strangers", The Indie Photobook Library / West Elm reading room, Philadelphia Photo Arts Center Book Fair, Philadelphia USA, Curated by Larissa Leclair

           "Incipient Strangers", BIND Photobook Exhibition, The Muse gallery, FOCUS Photography Festival, Mumbai INDIA

           "Red String", New Japanese Photography, Doomed Gallery, London UK, Curated by SPACE CADET and STAY ALONE

2014   "Red String", Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards 2014, Grand Palais, Paris FRANCE

           "Red String", Photobook Market, Encontros da Imagem, Braga PORTUGAL

           "Red String", Photobook ExhibitionFilter Photo Festival 2014, Harrington College of Design, Chicago USA

           "Red String", Mt.ROKKO ZINE & PHOTO BOOK COLLECTION 2014, Mt.Rokko International Photo Festival 2014, Kobe JAPAN

           "Red String", INFOCUS Juried Exhibition of Self-Published Photobooks, Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix USA




 Slideshows スライドショー


2017   "Red String", Snail on the Slope, GoaPhoto 2017, Goa INDIA, Curated by Anshika Varma

           "Red String", ICP Presents LensCulture Emerging Talents, International Center of Photography Museum, New York USA

           "Red String", Winners and finalists of 2016 LensCulture competitions

2016   "Red String", Judgement Of Line Orientation, OBSCURA Festival of Photography 2016, Penang MALAYSIA, Curated by Anshika Varma

           "Red String", Evening Projections, Photonic Moments – Month of Photography Festival 2016, Ljubljana SLOVENIA

2015   "Red String", New Japanese Photography, Doomed Gallery, London UK, Curated by SPACE CADET and STAY ALONE




Awards 受賞  


2020   "Hiroshima Graph - Everlasting Flow", Nominated, Kassel Dummy Award 2020

2019   "Hiroshima Graph - Everlasting Flow", Excellent – selected by He Yining, THE REFERENCE ASIA: PHOTO PRIZE 2019

2018   "Hiroshima Graph - Rabbits abandon their children" book, Winner, The Anamorphosis Prize

2017   "Hiroshima Graph - Rabbits abandon their children", Second Prize (Open Series Category), NTU International Photography Awards 2017

           "Hiroshima Graph - Rabbits abandon their children", Nominated, Prix Pictet Japan Award

2016   "Red String", Jurors’ Pick by Michael Famighetti (Editor, Aperture Magazine), LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards 2016

           "Red String" book, Nominated, 2016 Lucie Awards for Book Publisher of the Year: Limited and Special Edition

           "Red String" book, Special Mention, Photobook Award Maribor

           "Red String", Finalist, Photolucida Critical Mass 2016

           "Red String", Finalist, Renaissance Photography Prize 2016

           "Red String" book, Nominated, The Author Book Award, The Rencontres d'Arles 2016

           "Red String", Nominated, Evening Projections open call in frames of Photonic Moments – Month of Photography festival 2016

           "Red String" book, Jury Special Mention by John Phelan, The Anamorphosis Prize

2015   "Incipient Strangers" book, Winner, Unveil'd Photobook Award 2015

           "Incipient Strangers" book, Winner, Self Publishing PHOTOLUX Award 2015

           "Incipient Strangers" book, Nominated, PHOTOBOOK OPEN CALL, GuatePhoto International Festival of Photography

           "Incipient Strangers" book, Winner, Nopx Artist’s book contest

           "Incipient Strangers" book, Nominated, Kassel Dummy Award 2015

           "Incipient Strangers" book, Nominated, PHotoEspaña 2015 Best Photography Book of the Year Award for Best Self-Publishing Photobooks Category

2014   "Red String" book, Nominated, Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards 2014 for First Photobook Prize

           "Red String" book, Juror's choice award by Gregory Harris (Curator, DePaul Art Museum)Photobook Exhibition, Filter Photo Festival 2014

           "Red String" book, Winner, Photobook Market, Encontros da Imagem 2014

           "Red String" book, Honorable mention, International Photography Awards 2014




Books 書籍


2017   "Hiroshima Graph - Rabbits abandon their children"Self-Published

2016   "Red String" trade edition", ceiba

2015   "Incipient Strangers"Self-Published

2014   "Red String" original hand-made edition", Self-Published




Paper Publications 掲載誌

2019   "Hiroshima Graph - Everlasting Flow", Abridged 0_404: Delete

           "Red String" and "Hiroshima Graph - Rabbits abandon their children" book, VOSTOK, Article by Sujong Song

2017   "Hiroshima Graph - Rabbits abandon their children" 中国新聞 Chugoku Shimbun
           "Hiroshima Graph - Rabbits abandon their children" book, IMA vol.22, Memories of 7 Sights Toured through Photobooks

           "Red String", The Best of LensCulture Vol.1

           "Red String" book, BKN Magazine Issue 4: Intimacy

           "Red String" and "Incipient Strangers", terrra firma magazine issue. 04 

           "Red String" book, Fotografi, Text by Kristin Skåmedal

2016   "Red String" book, 2010s photobooks guide, 美術手帖 Bijutsu Techo Magazine September issue, Text by Takiko Nishiki (POST/ limArt), Edit by Sayuri Kobayashi

           "Red String", Photographer's FORUM Magazine, Japanese Photographie, Contributed by Marc Prust

           "Red String", IMA English Edition Vol.1, From the casual to the conceptual: Appropriation in Japanese photography, contributed by Marc Feustel

           "Red String" and "Incipient Strangers" book, Voices of Photography Issue.17

2015   "Incipient Strangers" book, Voices of Photography Issue.16, Bookmark, Reviewed by Lili Chien

           "Incipient Strangers" book, Photofile Vol 97, The photobook issue, Reviewed by Daniel Boetker-Smith

           "Red String" book, IMA vol.12, Editor's Choice

2014   "Red String" book, PHaT PHOTO vol.83




Online Publications オンライン掲載

2020  "Hiroshima Graph - Everlasting Flow", PHOTOBOOKSTORE UK: PHOTOBOOKS OF 2020, Gabriela Cendoya

          "Hiroshima Graph - Everlasting Flow", interview, Reference Asia


2018   "Red String", Yogurt Magazine 

           "Red String", Le conseguenze dell’amore (finito), Pagina99

2017   "Hiroshima Graph - Rabbits abandon their children", 假杂志 Jiazazhi Press
           "Red String", Intimate Structures

           "Red String", Dodho Magazine 
           "Red String", Edge of Humanity Magazine

           "Hiroshima Graph - Rabbits abandon their children", LensCulture

           "Red String", 10 highlights from Chobi Mela International Festival of Photography 2017, Dhaka, Art Radar

           "Red String" book, Meet the Collective Celebrating Asian-Pacific Photography, Amuse, written by Elias Redstone

2016   "Red String" book, Selected by David Alan Harvey (Magnum Photographer, Founder, Burn Magazine) LensCulture 2016 Photobooks of the Year: 32 Personal Favorites

           "Red String" book, Source Photographic Review, Issue #88 The Photobook Issue, The Greatest Photobooks of All Time

           "Red String", Invisible Photographer Asia

           "Red String" book, Reminders Photobook Review #27, written by Kazuhiko Matsumura

           "Red String" book, #OutNow Vol. 8 – Six Best New Photobooks You Should Know, Fotografia Magazine, Selected by Martin Amis

           "Red String" book, Bookshelf Picks – January to March 2016, PhotobookStore Magazine, Selected by Martin Amis 

           "Incipient Strangers", Landscape Stories "JAPAN" issue, curated by 3/3

2015   "Incipient Strangers", Portfolios, GUP Magazine

           "Incipient Strangers" book, photo-eye blog, Book of the Week, Reviewed by Daniel Boetker-Smith

           "Red String" book, Phosmag, Red String

           "Incipient Strangers", Emaho Magazine

           "Red String" book, Selected" book, The Ultimate List of 2014 Best Photobooks, Fotografia Magazine

2014   "Red String" book, LensCulture, Reviewed by Alexander Strecker

           "Red String" book, Selected, LensCulture Editor's - 2014 Photobooks of the Year

           "Red String" book, Selected by Hisako Motoo (Independent Curator and Editor), EMAHO Picks the Most Interesting Photobooks 2014

           "Red String" book, Selected by Larissa Leclair (Founder, Indie Photobook Library), TIME Picks the Best Photobooks of 2014

           "Red String", Emaho Magazine

           "Red String" book, IMA ONLINE

           "Red String" book, Darwin Magazine, Photobook Month, Reviewed by Harry Rose




Interviews インタビュー


2020  "Hiroshima Graph - Rabbits abandon their children", OBSCURA Magazine

2018  TSUKA 塚,  Kristian Haggblom and James Bugg

2016  Voices of Photography Issue.17, Lili Chien

          ceiba, Candy Pilar Godoy

2015  Photobook Melbourne, Sophie Pigram




Collections 収蔵


The Museum of Modern Art in New York Library, New York USA

Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc., New York USA

Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City MEXICO 
kaitak, Centre for Research and Development in Visual Arts, Hong Kong
Pathshala South Asian Media Institute Library, Dhaka BANGLADESH




Lectures & Presentations 講義・プレゼンテーション


2017   Talk, "Photography, history and memory", Jimei Arles International Photo Festival 2017, Moderator: Tang Zehui

           Pecha Kucha Night Xiamen Vol.8, Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art Center

           The panel discussion, “Building a community through Photobook Club's” Talk with Daniel Donnelly, Chobi Mela IX, Pathshala South Asian Media Institute

2016   Lecture, PHOTO MATTERS: BOOK AND PRINT FESTIVAL 2016, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

           Kyoto Dummy Book Workshop, Kyoto JAPAN

2015   Lecture, ’About handmade photobooks' at GalleryMain, Kyoto JAPAN

           Lecture and photobook making workshop, SapporoPhoto, Hokkaido JAPAN

           Artist talk, Delhi Photo Festival, Delhi INDIA

           Lecture, 'Photobook meeting - Irina Werning ☓ Yoshikatsu Fujii', Tokyo Institute of Photography, Tokyo JAPAN

2014   Lecture, Book Marute, Kagawa JAPAN

           Guest-speaker, 'Photobook and Self Publishing', Yokohama Creativecity Center, Kanagawa JAPAN

           Contribute to 'Dummy book awards' on PHaT PHOTO vol.83

           Lecture, 'How to enjoy photobook?', Tokyo Institute of Photography, Tokyo JAPAN

2013   Nominate and Contribute to '10×10 American Photobooks Official Catalogue'






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