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Hiroshima Graph - Rabbits abandon their children

Winning book of the Third Edition of The Anamorphosis Prize 2017

Rabbits are prey.

And as such, they must live their lives in a constant state of awareness. We would do well and benefit to emulate. Most do not. Fortunately, there are those rare among us who do. By virtue of their art, they make us aware of that which others would prefer be lost, forgotten or hidden. Yoshikatsu Fujii, artist, is such an individual and his standout photobook, Hiroshima Graph - Rabbits abandon their children is his method.

The book tells the history of Okunoshima Island, near Hiroshima, through photographs both contemporary and archival, interviews, drawings and diagrams in a most original and inventive way. Today a tourist destination known as “Rabbit Island” for the endearing creatures that now abound there, during the war years it held a terrible truth. Home to a poison gas factory so secretive that the location did not even appear on maps and locals and workers alike were forbidden to speak about it, the island manufactured misery for those casualties who suffered the ghastly effects of its deadly products and those forced to manufacture them.

During the war years, rabbits served as victims to experiments testing the effects of the various poison gases. Today, the island is overrun with rabbits, who, without predators, eagerly and friendly approach and surround visitors in hope of a treat.

With his rich, engaging and beautifully crafted book, Mr. Fujii has made us aware of a story, a time, a place and those individuals who lived, suffered and endured in it in a way that only great art can. We look through his book, read, consider, reflect and ultimately learn. And in doing so, we stand in hope and empathy that those awful mistakes and horrors of Okunoshima in the recent past and their unfortunate continued threat elsewhere in the world need not ever be repeated.

We pray.



ウサギは獲物として常に注意深く生きることを強いられている。我々はそれを模倣することで、安全に生きるという恩恵を受ける。ただ、ほとんどはそうなっていないのだが。しかし、少ないながらも当てはまる人たちもいる。アートの美点をもって、彼らは他者が手放そう、忘れよう、隠そうとするものを教えてくれる。アーティスト藤井ヨシカツは、そのような一個人であり、藤井の卓越した写真集「Hiroshima Graph – Rabbits abandon their children」がその手段となっている。



(翻訳文責: 奥山 美由紀)


Winning Book of the Anamorphosis Prize 2017

Shortlisted for the Fotobookfestival Kassel Dummy Award 2018

Shortlisted for the FUAM Dummy Book Award of Istanbul Photobook Festival 2018

Online Featured


假杂志 Jiazazhi Press





All editions are sold out. However, some copies still available at the bookshops below. Please ask about the stock to them.


Tipi Bookshop (Belgium)

IBASHO Gallery (Belgium)

Photobookstore (UK)

Le Plac'Art Photo (France)

Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art Centre 三影堂厦門撮影芸術中心 (China)

Hardcover: 240 pages + 4 booklets: 80 pages
128 images
Languages: Japanese and English
Size: 175 × 265 × 30 mm
72 editions only (all made to order) all signed and given the edition number by the artist
Photo/ Text / Edit / Print / Bookbinding :Yoshikatsu Fujii
18,000 JPY (plus shipping fee)
Concept, edit and art-direction: developed in the 2016 photo book making masterclass by Yumi Goto, Sandra van der Doelen and Teun van der Heijden, in collaboration with Reminders Photography Stronghold.


◎写真・アーカイブ: 129点
◎サイズ:175mm x 265 x 30 mm
◎写真・編集・印刷・製本: 藤井ヨシカツ
◎価格:18,000円 全エディション、署名入り(送料700円)


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