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The winner of the first edition of the Self Publishing Photolux Award: Yoshikatsu Fujii with the pro

This is such a great news from Italia. I won the first Self Publishing Photolux Award with Incipient Strangers!

AWARD COMMITTEE AND WINNER NOMINATION The 2015 award committee is composed by:

Michael Mack, founder of the publishing house MACK, London President

Teun van der Heijden, graphic designer Jim Casper, editor and publisher of Lens Culture magazine Claudio Corrivetti, founder and director of the publishing house Postcart, Rome Arianna Arcara, photographer, founder of the Italian photographic collective Cesura

Jury Statement Incipient Strangers by Yoshikatsu Fujii really is a startling and uncompromising pushing of the possibilities of the book form. It utilized the idea of a very very personal story of the divorce of his parents, elaborating this narrative thread unpicking it through a very clever process of collage. It’s an exciting and challenging book that it’s attending to push the boundaries whilst maintaining a rigor in relation to the practice of the media.

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